At Birchrock Capital our clients are our number one priority. 

Our investment philosophy is formulated with one person in mind, the investor.

Our approach is comprehensive and tailored to reach each of our clients’  financial goals. 

Successful investing requires buying when others are selling and spreading your investments rather than concentrating them on a few speculative ideas. 

Donald Bradley; Founder of Birchrock Capital LLC


Semir Kapic; Co-founder of Birchrock Capital LLC a crypto currency investment firm.


Birchrock Capital LLC logo a crypto currency investment firm.



Founder & CIO

At a young age, Donald has always been interested in understanding global markets, specifically how the fluctuations of currency prices affected global economies. After the 2008 financial crash, Donald saw how many believed banks were “too big to fail” and as a result  were so large and so interconnected that their failure would be disastrous to the greater economic system. He realized how many Americans lost life savings within a matter of days and knew that he wanted to help others achieve their financial goals as well as protect their assets.


Co-Founder & Lead Analyst

While attending college, Semir worked various jobs to earn a living. Overtime, he developed a strong desire to discover alternative methods to earning an income without having to work a 9 to 5. Through a connection with the Founder and CIO Donald Bradley, he was introduced to the world of trading via technical analysis and algorithmic trading that allowed traders to earn income through the financial markets, gaining momentum towards financial freedom.


Business Development Lead

While working in the fitness industry Bronwyne became interested in being involved in a partnership with Birchrock Capital that would assist people to build long term financial success. Having an extensive background in enterprise sales, management and assisting clients in creating long term life changes, saw an opportunity to translate those skills into Birchrock Capital. 


  1. Enhancing returns - through attribution analysis at asset class, sector, country, region, monetary, individual security and total fund/balanced levels.

  2. Mitigating risk - by conducting ongoing risk analysis to keep portfolio within desired levels for investors.

  3. Increasing efficiency - by continued fundamental and technical analysis to provide a rate of return, optimizing tools and resources that drive buying and selling decisions.

We are passionate about the our clients and their success. If you want to learn if a partnership with us is something you would like, fill out the investor app and let's have a free consultation meeting. We look forward to working in partnership with you.

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