To provide returns to our investors, year over year, despite the economic environment by remaining focused on continuous research of all financial markets, optimization of current models and overall growth of the firm through investor relations.

By creating balanced portfolios that are adjusted and monitored based on market conditions, the firm ensures that the investor has a blended portfolio to protect against inflation, times of extreme volatility and potential risks to the global economic outlook.

With the introduction of cryptocurrency now levelling the playing field for the people, it has the potential to be the new fiat currency and position itself to become one of the largest markets in the world.


At Birchrock Capital our clients are our number one priority. Our investment philosophy is formulated with one person in mind, the investor. Our approach is comprehensive and tailored to reach each of our clients’  financial goals. Successful investing requires buying when others are selling and spreading your investments rather than concentrating them on a few speculative ideas.

  • Enhancing returns - through attribution analysis at asset class, sector, country, region, monetary, individual security and total fund/balanced levels.

  • Mitigating risk - by conducting ongoing risk analysis to keep portfolio within desired levels for investors.

  • Increasing efficiency - by continued fundamental and technical analysis to provide a rate of return, optimizing tools and resources that drive buying and selling decisions.


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